CEO Message

In Africa which is  under construction, In a rich and untapped Congo, CBG is committed to investing in both social and industrial areas, so ask his little building block in the construction of this treasure that Congo and is joined by that, this vision of the Head of State: « on the way to the future. »

To get there, daily contact with our customers our employees bring to life our values « spirit of service », « team spirit » and « spirit of progress ». They are our specialty and our wealth.

The spirit of service

Clients and consumers are the object of our attention.
To serve, we need every day, at all levels, demonstrate our availability, our ability to listen, our ability to anticipate their expectations, our sense of conviviality; our responsiveness to their needs and our pride in satisfying them.
CBG has become a big business in Congo Brazzaville, while remaining a local company where each manager in the field is a true close to its customers and free to decisions.
Team spirit

It is in all of our operations, our business and functional units, as in our management committees.
Each person’s skills combine the expertise of others and contribute to the success of CBG.
The organization of the team is based on the following guidelines: listening, transparency, respect for others, diversity, solidarity in implementing major decisions, compliance and mutual support , particularly in difficult.
The spirit of progress

It is manifested by:

The will, but also the firm belief that we can always improve the present situation;
Acceptance of the performance evaluation and comparison with colleagues inside the company or its competitors;
The challenge, as the analysis of success like failure are the basis for sustainable success;
The balance between ambition and humility;
The optimism, the belief that for every problem there is a solution, innovation, progress to achieve.
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