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Maintenance and new works On / Offshore

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CBG has established itself as one of the best company of industrial maintenance and new works with a team of highly skilled technicians and engineers and strictly selected according to the criteria appropriate to the needs of our partners profile.

CBG also designs and prefabricated at the request of its customers, bungalow ideal for office, meeting room, dining room, dressing room, rest …
With materials and productif technologies that we used, Which is consistent with environmental standards.


CBG also for its customers prefabricated storage containers of all kinds (double doors, side opening with safety lock).

CBG proposes to make quickly for you the best solutions of your constraints as well as technical and budgetary.


Specializing in the public works area, CBG shall make available to its potential customer update equipment and material continuously, as a function of the trades profession evolution.

Household and maintenance

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why choose us?

With a knowledge that is no longer to demonstrate, CBG offers competent and dedicated staff to the spot in the field of cleaning and maintenance while providing you many benefits.



Location Bateau surfer

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For sea transport of your offshore staff

In the care of the ongoing implementation of its strategy and to ensure a complete range of On / Offshore, CBG has granted its partner real value in providing you with a sefer boat (CBG YAV) diesel propulsion – electric with a large loading capacity crew (10 places) and material, this to transport personnel to drilling sites and other large boat at sea.

Personnel Provision / Handling


CBG sarl provides its customers qualified personnel in various sectors of professional drilling, maintenance, oil production, metallurgy, handling building.

Click this link to view the list of domains made available to our partners.

Desiring to supplement the list of services that CBG sarl offers its customers, we currently under development department related to the building trades, civil engineering and public works.



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CBG provides catering and hotel services to large oil company, mining and construction, with on-shore or off-shore; installed in Congo and Africa, whatever the climatic and environmental conditions.

Developed in compliance with hygiene and nutritional balance strictest standards, our kitchen is performed by highly trained chefs and served by always available and helpful staff to the task.

Immobilier location / vente

CBG in its real estate arm, offers holiday homes, apartment complexes, group housing, generously equipped neighborhoods and truly paradisiacal sites, we were going to quality and performance, with yourself to a skilled workforce to the stain.

We just nead your confidence and we reinvent your comfort


Location de Voiture

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Designed for the provision of vehicles of all kinds and all brands, with or without driver, CBG provides its customers a diverse range of car and provides quality service which places it among the top in business of the rental vehicle while standing.

We just nead your confidence and we reinvent your comfort.